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New Spin & Go Contest Launches at PokerStars NJ

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

After being launched for just over one full week in the state of New Jersey, PokerStars is now offering a special Spin & Go contest. Players can compete in a special edition of their popular Spin & Go with $100,000 up for grabs. Players can take part in the three-handed SNG tournament options in the hopes of earning a big win!

The Spin & Go’s of PokerStars are three-handed hyper turbo SNG tournaments that offer winner take all prize pools, for the majority of the time. The big thrill of these contests is the fact that players are competing for an unknown prize pool. The prize money is not known until three players take a seat at the table.

Once seated, a spinner will appear and reveal the amount of prize money. In most cases, the prize money is 2x the buy-in. In New Jersey, players can compete for four levels of buy-in with the Spin & Go’s, $1, $2, $5 and $10.

Players will pay this buy-in and compete, hoping to be seated at the $100,000 table. If the big prize table is hit, the first place winner would earn the entire prize pool while the other two would be able to earn 10% of the prize pool.

Basically, the Spin & Go contests offer prizes based on 2x, 4x, 6x, 10x, 25x, 100x, 200x and 1,000x the buy-in. You would have to play the $10 tables and see a 1,000x the buy-in to reach the $100,000 prize pool, but this could happen! For this amount of money, first would earn $100,000, second and third place earning $10,000 each.

Players can head on over to PokerStars NJ if physically located within the state. The Spin & Gos will offer this special prize money for some time, allowing players to enjoy the same great competition but with much more up for grabs!

PayPal Deposit Bonus at WSOP

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

file4741238088930It was just recently announced that PayPal would be a form of deposit for players who take part in online poker play at in New Jersey and Nevada. This is a big deal for the United States online poker industry as PayPal has been avoiding the online gambling industry like the plague. Members of PayPal couldn’t even mention gambling terms in notes at PayPal in fear of having their account shut down.

PayPal is now available as a form of deposit for players at the US WSOP sites and a big bonus is that the WSOP is offering an actual bonus for players to use the deposit method. Players who deposit at least $100 can earn a free $10 Tournament Ticket. The deposit is only good until the 30th of September, giving players a little more time to take part.

Players may have missed out on the PayPal bonus due to the many great bonuses on offer at the online poker room. From the Fall Reload Bonus to the Anniversary Reload Bonus, players have several options to earn extra cash while playing at the online poker site. The Fall bonus was a 100% offer up to $500 while the Anniversary is the same, both with specific terms to clear the extra money.

New players to the site can also take advantage of the Welcome Bonus. As a new player to any online poker room, there is a welcome option to help players get started earning extra cash before game play even begins.

Members of the WSOP as well as other sites should take advantage of the many bonus and reward opportunities. By earning rewards and using incentives, players can earn extra cash which can then be used to play even more online poker games. Visit WSOP today to take advantage of the PayPal and many other deals.

US Online Gambling Revenue Estimates Lowered Considerably

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

file4741238088930Online gambling has taken place for over a year now in the United States and has been quite successful for the states of Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. However, despite each state seeing nice traffic numbers and significant revenues in the continually growing industry, the estimated revenues for the future of the industry have been lowered considerably.

According to reports by Morgan Stanley, the prediction of online gambling revenues has been cut almost in half based on the earnings thus far. Morgan Stanley is a top financial services company that offered an estimate for the market by 2020 and this number has now been reduced.

When the research was released, the firm showed that by 2020 the industry would be worth around $2.7 billion. This is almost half of the $5 billion in earnings which was estimated last year. Before last year’s estimate, Morgan Stanley had predicted that the industry would be at around $8 million by 2020.

The estimates appear to keep falling so either the online gambling industry is not thriving or reports are conflicted with what the firm thought would happen with the industry or the figures were just wrong. There are arguments for both sides, with some feeling the industry has not lived up to expectations while others feel as though the industry is doing just fine.

Morgan Stanley stated in their findings that they believe there is a material runway for growth but the results thus far have been disappointing. The firm believes the legislative processes have been slow as lawmaker are unconvinced that online gaming is not worth the hassle for the limited tax revenues.

It will be interesting to see how the industry is able to grow as additional states begin to get in on the online gaming action. There are several states considering legalization of poker or overall online gaming, including California and Pennsylvania.

New Jersey Ends 2014 on a Positive Note

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

file4741238088930The state of New Jersey has seen some struggle over the past year with casinos closing, online poker seeing less than stellar earnings and more. To close out the year, the state of New Jersey was able to end on a high note as the latest struggles facing the state’s gambling industry. Figures were just released this week showing that the gaming options of the state were able to earn $10.7 million in online earnings which is a nice increase from December of last year.

In 2013, the state was able to earn $6.6 million within the month of December and with the earnings from last year, the state saw an increase of just over $4 million. When it comes to online poker, the state was able to earn just over $2 million in online poker revenues for the month of December in 2014. This was the highest revenues the state had seen for a few months, which was a great way to end the year.

For 2015, the state has some additions already that will help the industry as the year has just begun. Financial institutions have gradually eased up on the restrictions involved along with payment processing so players will be able to easily deposit and withdraw funds with online gaming. Secondly, the 888 Poker site of New Jersey as well as WSOP have teamed up to combine player pools to help increase liquidity. Both sites will offer additional traffic numbers so that players have more competition on the virtual felt.

These changes as well as a New Year will help the city to hopefully have a better year with online gaming revenues as well as land based casino gaming. Other states are beginning to become interested in online gaming including three states already having announced legislation considerations. It will be interesting to see where the industry will stand after 2015. The state is currently the top leader in online gaming but this could easily change if new states begin to offer online gaming this year.

Online Poker Revenues Continue to Decrease in New Jersey

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

file4741238088930One year of online poker gaming has come and gone in the state of New Jersey and gaming officials are most certainly not happy with the most recent results. According to the figures released, the state has seen the lowest revenues since online gaming began one year ago.

The state of New Jersey offers both casino and poker gaming online and is earns the most poker revenues for online game play when comparing Nevada and Delaware to the state’s figures. However, over the past few months, New Jersey has seen a significant decrease month after month in revenue earnings.

The total amount earned in gaming revenues for November was $8.7 million. $1,877,603 of that total was produced by online poker gaming according to the figures released by gaming regulators. This is almost $100,000 less than October revenues for poker and a continual decrease in online poker overall. Despite the lower revenue numbers, the state does continue to see new signups online with just over 506,172 accounts being created overall which is an increase of almost 6% from October to November.

New Jersey did lose some online gaming outlets with the closure of Betfair and then Ultimate Gaming soon after. The two online poker sites were not the most popular but would affect the overall revenues of the state. Now only two land based casino operators remain; Caesars and the Borgata. Both are able to generate online poker revenues and offer four different poker sites for online gaming.

It will be interesting to see what the New Year brings for online poker in the state of New Jersey as well as for the United States. The state may partner up with Nevada and Delaware if the interstate gaming begins and we may see even more states get in on the online gaming action in 2015.





WSOP New Jersey Online Poker Site Prepares for the Holidays

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

file4741238088930As the holiday season is quickly upon us, the online poker sites around the world are offering special gaming options and promotions for players to take advantage of. In the United States, players usually do not have the option of taking part in such gaming. Now that the state of New Jersey has online poker and casino gaming, players within the state have the option of enjoying such gaming. The site has been very popular with gamers and is now offering special poker promotions for members to take advantage of.

With the current promotions, the WSOP site will now have eight new bonuses and will provide Sit & Go Leaderboards and will offer mobile users special promotions. Mobile users will be able to earn prizes by using a mobile device to compete in the online poker gaming. On top of the standard promotions, the online poker site will be offering special events where players have the opportunity to earn major cash prizes.

From the 15th to the 21st of December, the online poker site will be offering Deep Stack Tournaments which will offer low buy-ins and $20,000 in guaranteed prize money. Players will begin with 200 big blinds and will find blinds as low as $10 and as high as $100 with plenty of cash up for grabs to build a solid bank roll.

On top of what is already being offered, the online poker room will have a Daily Holiday Gift Giveaway which will offer great prizes for players to try and win. Players can click on the link at the site and register to win by earning one Action Player Point by competing in tournament or cash game play. Players will have the opportunity to win great prizes from gourmet food to televisions, digital cameras and more.

Vegas Vacation Up For Grabs at WSOP NJ

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

file4741238088930The WSOP online poker site in the state of New Jersey allows players in the state to compete in major online poker tournaments, cash gaming and earn seats to major live land-based events. The site also allows players to compete in special competitions, promotions and bonus opportunities. For the month of October, WSOP has decided to offer a special vacation competition where the lucky winner will spend a little time in Las Vegas!

Throughout the month, players will be eligible to win a trip to Las Vegas by signing up for a new gaming account at the WSOP website. New players who create an account for the first time will be given an entry to win the trip for two which will include hotel accommodations for two nights at the Planet Hollywood.

To be eligible, players will need to deposit a minimum of $25 and use a special bonus code VegasTrip during the creation of the account. With the deposit, players will earn a free entry to the drawing to win the special trip. The drawing will take place on November 3rd where one lucky winner will be able to take a break from the cool New Jersey temperatures this winter to enjoy the warm weather of Vegas.

Players can earn additional entries into the drawing by playing cash games and earning Action Player Points. For every 10 APPs earned, players will receive an additional entry into the trip drawing. The prize package not only includes accommodations but also airfare and a $200 gift card of Total Rewards. With this card, a player can enjoy dining and shopping in Nevada where the Total Rewards Gift Card is accepted.

The month of October has just started, so players have plenty of time to create a new account to earn entries into the prize drawing. It will be interesting to see who earns the big prize once November comes!

Atlantic City Down to 8 Casinos

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

file4741238088930The land based gaming environment in Atlantic City, New Jersey seems to be dwindling. The city now has only 8 casinos for land based casino game play after the Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino closed just yesterday morning. The casino’s closure is the fourth of the year and is not the best outcome for the gambling city.

The casino, which is located along the boardwalk, was opened back in 1984 and had been in operation for decades. The casino had been on a slow downward spiral, which was really sad for many to watch. The casino which had once reveled with hundreds of players only had a handful on the premises when the doors would close.

The Trump Plaza was able to earn just over $36 million this year which is over 30% less than the same time frame last year. As a comparison, the casino earned in one year the same as some Atlantic City casinos earn in a two week time frame. With the closure of this casino and possibly the Taj Mahjal in coming weeks, the city would be down over 10,000 jobs and more, which is a big hit to the city.

The poker community was not necessarily affected by the closure of the Trump Plaza as they did not have a poker room, but the Taj Mahal does. The casino has 48 gaming tables which means it is the second largest in the city. If the casino closes in November, which it may very well do, then poker players in Atlantic City would only have five poker rooms to enjoy.

The state now offers online gaming to try and pick up the slack where land based options left off but operators must be connected to a physical casino in the state to be able to offer online gaming. With the losses, operators have even less partners than before to get in on the online poker action.

Is Full Tilt Poker Coming to New Jersey?

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

Full Tilt PokerThe latest news to hit the poker industry in a major way is the fact that Full Tilt and PokerStars may soon be reentering the US online gambling market. The two top gambling sites are part of the Rational Group which was recently acquired by Amaya Gaming. Amaya has worked to try and see the two sites reenter the US with online gaming options for players to enjoy and recent developments have stated that the two sites will be launching in New Jersey, possibly as soon as October.

It has been years since PokerStars and Full Tilt have been allowed to operate in the US after the disaster that was Black Friday. Full Tilt Poker for US players as well as PokerStars would be a well-received option as both offer the best in poker gaming. Full Tilt also offers casino games and it has been stated by Amaya that PokerStars will be offering additional gaming as well.

Currently, Amaya Gaming is already licensed in the state of New Jersey, so it was easy to start there for a reentry into the US online gambling landscape. A recent conference call with Amaya Gaming and investors released details of the upcoming launch of both online gaming sites in the state of New Jersey. According to the call, Full Tilt casino games have been successful and the games were only offered to a small portion of FTP members. The casino games will be pushed further this year for the entire Full Tilt and PokerStars player base and expansion will be seen in several countries, not just the US.

Up for discussion were sports betting options, alongside casino gaming, as Amaya would like to further enhance the gaming options of both sites. With an addition such as sports betting, players will be able to take part in poker, sports wagering and casino gaming all in one place. This will create a larger player base along both poker sites.

Amaya has already decided to set aside a set amount of money to develop the sportsbook so we may see an option created by the gaming giant or they may consider trying an existing product for sports wagering. Amaya sees PokerStars and Full Tilt players as gamers who already take part in wagering on other gaming options so to add the same with the PokerStars and Full Tilt touch should be successful. With additional gaming options, the sites will also offer more promotional opportunities. Players will be able to take part in loyalty programs, bonuses and special promotions with one solid platform.

Amaya continues to expand both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker so players have the option of enjoying the best in casino gaming. The coming months are sure to be exciting for US gamers as we see how the Amaya acquisition of the Rational Group plays out. Hopefully it will not be too much longer before poker players are able to visit the online poker sites once again.



Party Poker Brings Back Palladium Elite VIP option exclusive to New Jersey

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

party-poker-table-screenshotThe Palladium Elite VIP tier is one that was of the highest caliber at Party Poker. The option was deleted about a year ago to make Party Poker a more recreational gaming destination, but now the online poker room has added the option back but only to those who are located in New Jersey.

To reach this level of VIP status, the players at Party Poker must earn 10,000 points while playing either poker or casino games. The points are valid till the end of the quarter that the points were earned as well as the following gaming quarter.

With the new VIP level, players will have access to certain benefits. These benefits include access to VIP events that includes parties, concerts and sporting events. Players will have the opportunity to compete in exclusive tournaments in live game play as well as have discounts for the online poker room store. Palladium Elite hosts can provide anything a player needs to get started and there are also more bigger and more frequent bonusing opportunities or this VIP level.

This new VIP status was made available in the middle of April and players were given the incentive to reach the level by the 16th of the month by giving away tickets to the NJCOP. The point of the new VIP level is to get people playing at Party Poker. The New Jersey site already holds the top spot for players but as any online poker room knows, player liquidity is key.

The goal is to continue to gain player liquidity so the gaming tables are full and players will be happy to find a playing field online whenever they log on. Party Poker is doing a good job of bringing players in and keeping them interested so they can continue to be a leader in today’s gambling marketplace.